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Award-Winning Portfolio.



As an industry leader, Reece has spoken at over X events in the UK, USA, and UAE.



Over 1,000 units developed.



Reece has helped build or founded X business around the globe.



He has raised over £200m from private investors over the last few years.



His company, Hunter Jones Group, has retained over 1,600 clients.



GDV in excess of £350m.

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Hunter Jones Group

Hunter Jones Group was founded in 2013 with a mission to address a gap in the market. They provide investors access to property-based investment products and opportunities that are usually limited to big institutions. Since our founding, we have been committed to helping our clients find accessible and alternative ways to reap the rewards of property investment with a unique hands-off approach.

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HJ Collection

HJ Collection is set to revolutionise not only the development sector but also the property bond market, by introducing a managed portfolio comprising of multiple developers, with vast worldwide investor support.

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BIGAS Marketing

BIGAS has over 20 years of experience in the Advertising & Marketing Industry, the BIGAS founders decided that they wanted to build a business based on the knowledge they have gained and the extensive network of contacts made to offer a bespoke solution to clients.

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Dennis & Dyer Boxing Academy

Dennis and Dyer boxing offers a bespoke solution through boxing training whether your goal is to compete and train through our elite boxing academy or for fun, fitness, and self-defence. Based in Loughton and here to support the local community.

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Being in practice as an Accountant for over 40 years, I have worked with an extremely varied clientele. Many have been experienced individuals and also a large number of start-ups, often with differing ideas of what they want to achieve in the years ahead.


I have now worked closely with Reece for over 10 years and have seen his vision and ambition and have been extremely impressed by his work ethic and his management skills, sensibly delegating to his team to enable the group to grow steadily. Along this path, he has often engaged with experienced professionals and continues to expand his levels of expertise.


It is an absolute pleasure for me to see him making such tremendous progress in the Hunter Jones Group of Companies and I have no doubt it will be a major player in their area of expertise in the years to come.

Joe Cane

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