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HJ Collection successfully returns over £5 million to initial investors

HJ Collection, a revolutionary developer with a growing managed property bond portfolio, has now successfully repaid over £5 million to its investors.

Headquartered in London, HJ Collection launched its first asset-backed property investment bond in 2019, offering High Net Worth and Sophisticated investors attractive returns over a 24-month period.

Since its launch, HJ Collection has acquired and developed over 10 commercial-to-residential developments in prime areas within both the North and South of England –resulting in an impressive GDV of £35 million.

The developer’s latest substantial repayment demonstrates the value of its expertise, with investors now realising returns of over 10 – 12 per cent through bricks-and-mortar backed bonds while side-stepping the conventional inconveniences of property ownership and development.

Reece Mennie, CEO of HJ Collection, said: “HJ Collection exists to develop-out and deliver quality, affordable housing in prime locations across the UK, whilst offering our investors an alternative but lucrative way to invest in property without the hassle of tenant management. Hitting the £5 million repayment milestone is further proof that our deep understanding of the market pays off – literally – for our investors.

With these repayments secured, both our team and our investors can now look towards the future with more confidence than ever before, secure in the knowledge that our portfolio is a lucrative way to secure returns against bricks-and-mortar investment, and that our developments are also playing their part in helping to ease the UK’s ongoing housing crisis.“

HJ Collection’s early growth and resulting success can also be attributed to its capability to leverage the recent expansions on Permitted Development Rights, which allow the firm to create quality commercial-to-residential conversions across the country, breathing fresh life into otherwise defunct builds.

Having established a leading name in the world of smart and alternative investment, HJ Collection now employs a team of over 15 property investment and development specialists.


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