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The latest from Reece and his companies. Readers can expect the latest insights and updates across the property investment industry.

The Landlord Investor Show, 12th September 2018

Be Smart Be Alternative: Making the right decisions in Property and Business

Reece Mennie - CEO, Hunter Jones

A natural and accomplished Entrepreneur, Reece Mennie, is the Founder and CEO of industry leading investment firm, Hunter Jones.

With an established background in sales, Reece boasts extensive knowledge and experience in UK and European asset-backed loan notes, having personally structured and raised circa £40 Million for property developers over the past three years alone, resulting in the accelerated growth and success of Hunter Jones.

Through his inspiring and engaging talk, Reece reveals his journey to business success first hand, where he provides insight into how he transformed Hunter Jones from a start-up into a multi-million-pound empire in just three years, whilst offering valuable advice in property and business investment.


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