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Building a Positive Working Culture Through Your Brand

Companies dedicate a lot of time and money in building a brand that resonates with their customers or clients – but in my opinion, it is equally important for a brand to inspire and excite its own employees too.

A strong brand culture aids employees in their belief and support of a brand’s values, where they will become brand ambassadors, delivering a positive message through their desire to work for the business and passion for what they do.

At Hunter Jones we’ve worked incredibly hard to achieve just this, but it was by no means an easy task. 

That said, how do you evolve your brand in order to inspire and motivate your employees? For Hunter Jones, the following five points have been key to our success:

Understand your individual brand culture

Identifying the values your employees want to embody and how the business is perceived both internally and externally will go a long way in helping you understand, and in turn, shape your culture.

What makes you stand out from the crowd and why are you better than the competition? Define your purpose and understand how your brand’s DNA can motivate, inspire and empower staff throughout the business. 

Implement and educate

Each employee needs to be educated on the brand and fully understand the company’s mission, vision, and values in order to achieve better relationships within their teams.

Uniting employees in the same company mission and vision should not only improve employee retention, but should also increase employee satisfaction levels.

Show off the identity

Branding should be a constant part of your identity.

Consider consistent visual branding to communicate a strong brand culture and to represent your team as one. Branded company merchandise such as polo shirts, lanyards or matching accessories, will encapsulate a brand identity and should improve the team atmosphere, whilst increasing organic brand awareness and customer engagement. 

Get social

Social media will make it easier for employees to actively share their thoughts and feelings about a brand.

Get creative with company posts and encourage employees to get involved in a professional manner. This will not only help boost your social stats but will increase brand awareness, whilst promoting your company culture. 

Positioning your employees as brand ambassadors means you have an incredible opportunity to showcase your company culture to the outside World, whilst demonstrating how engaged and motivated your team are in being part of the business.

Look to the future

As well as developing current employee satisfaction with your brand, it can also be used when looking to bring new faces in the team. After you understand more about your culture and how employees work with your brand to achieve results, you can avoid individuals who contradict it.

Ultimately, if you dedicate the time to create a strong brand with a clear vision and mission, your company culture will follow, as long as you have chosen the right people to help in building the business alongside you.


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