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How a Good Leader Effectively Inspires Employees


A leader is only as good as those who follow.

More than anything, this statement runs true in the workplace with employers needing to lead well to get the best out of their employees. They must inspire others and get everyone moving at a similar pace and in roughly the same direction. 

Many leaders expect that employees will follow them because of their title, but that is simply not the case. An inspirational leader shows though their actions to their employees the necessary commitment, drive and enthusiasm to empower their people and instil confidence. 

Here are five simple ways a leader can effectively inspire their employees. 

Recognise a job well done 

Simply put, people like to be recognised when their hard work. Having your hard work payoff is rewarding in itself, but the added incentive that an employer will show their appreciation is an added bonus. 

A bad leader may wonder why they should recognise employees for just doing their job, but a good leader will identify that reaching out and thanking an employee can go a long way to creating job satisfaction and self-worth. Recognising a job well done can be something as simple as a thank you email, or a small token such as buying their lunch. 

Explain tough decisions 

A good leader should adequately educate their employees on why they’re doing what they’re doing and how it has a positive effect on the business as a whole. 

Taking that extra time out of your day to explain decisions to an employee helps them buy in on the concept and in return will create a positive connection. Not only that but understanding the overall vision their tasks are contributing to will help employees feel motivated that they working towards the same, clear goal as their leader. 

Offer incentives   

Having a strategic reward program in place is a simple and effective way to inspire employees. A business can thrive when employees are working towards an incentive and they will become motivated to maintain those efforts. 

However, a good leader should recognise that a reward program isn’t a one size fits all system. Not every member of staff will appreciate the same rewards and benefits, so make sure that there is enough on offer to appease everyone, even if the rewards are just simple tokens of gratitude. 

Celebrate a team win 

Appreciation of an individual can go far, but don’t forget to take a moment to celebrate the success of the collective team. This is a great chance to get creative and thank hard working employees. 

A leader needs to recognise milestones when they are hit by the team. Not only will it motivate your team to reach goals and engage in challenging initiatives, it will help keep the positive vibes rolling into the next project. 

Provide a realistic future 

The growth of your business depends on the growth of the individuals at your company and a good leader understands that an employee needs a clear career plan to flourish. 

It is inevitable that individuals will grow out of their roles eventually so offering a pathway for them to climb the corporate ladder will inspire them. Valuing graduation over retention will also prevent having employees feel stuck in a ‘dead end’. 


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