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How to Communicate Confidence in the Workplace

Confidence is an integral part of success. 

In order to achieve the level of success I am at today, I have had to learn to communicate confidence every day in tough situations, from high pressure meetings, in depth podcast discussions and rapid investment negotiations. 

Confident people thrive in the office environment. These people are comfortable tackling problems head on and help contribute towards an all-round dynamic and enthusiastic atmosphere. But how do you learn to become a confident person and communicate effectively? 

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail 

Understanding what you want to say before you say will mean your words exude much more confidence. It will show directness and hand you over the power in a conversation. 

Preparing will help to settle any nerves, get the mind in the right frame and in turn, add more weight and credence to the argument you are putting across. 

Communicate clearly 

When people aren’t confident, you generally find them stuttering their words, speaking rapidly or struggling to communicate at all. Finding the courage to communicate clearly will have a huge positive effect on your confidence. 

The more clarity in which your ideas are conveyed to others means they will be received better with more thoughtful interest. If you believe that your ideas and thoughts on a topic can make a significant contribution, then voice them. It is well worth the risk. 

Look the part 

If you’re feeling comfortable, then you’re more likely to feel confident. There is a direct correlation between what we are wearing and what we think about ourselves in that moment. Perceived flaws in your appearance can lead to great distress and in turn won’t have you acting to your potential. 

The saying goes ‘dress for the job you want, not the job you have’, and that is because the way you dress is a pivotal first impression. 

Find a mentor 

Pick a mentor to help as a constant reminder of where you want to be and what you need to do to get there. 

Learning to replicate the confidence and drive of someone you aspire to be like will help identify the strengths that you may be lacking.  

Fake it 

If all else fails, simply fake it. Confidence is nothing more than a choice of mind-set and in those stressful situations where confidence may be alluding you, project positivity at all times. 

Pretending to be confident will lead people to regard you as a confident person and you will be treated as such. This will also go a long way to helping you build your own confidence and soon enough you won’t need to fake it. 


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